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How To Set Super FNF In Grameenphone Bondhu Package 2015

gp super fnf bondhu package call rate 2015

Bondhu package offers 15 fnf (14 fnf and 1 super fnf). You can add any operator number as FnF but special super fnf number must be a grameenphone number.
The call rate of super fnf number is 5 paisa/10 seconds with additional vat+SD charge
How To Change Your Current Package To Bodhu:
Just go to your mobile message option
Type ”B” and send to 4444
How To Set Super FnF In GrameenPhone Bondhu Package:
Just go to your mobile message option
Type SF<space> Your desired number
send this message to 2888
Example: SF 01779785455
Send to 2888
How To Set FnF Numbers In Bondhu Package:
Just go to your mobile message option
Type your desired fnf numbers and send to 2888
Example: 01779785455 01763536949 01712300100 send to 2888
Call Rates In FNF Numbers:
GP-GP [FnF] : 9paisa/10 second
GP-Other Operators [FnF] : 15 paisa/10 second
How To Change Super FnF Number:
Just go to your mobile messge option
Type SFC<space>Your OLD Super fnf number<space>Your New Super FnF number
Send this message to 2888
Example: SF 01779785455 01763536929
Send to 2888
Note: You change super fnf number in every 15 days
You Can Migrate to other package like Nishchinto, Aapon, Shohoj, Amontron, Spondon, Smile and Djuice.
15% Vat and 3% SD charge applicable for all call rates

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Updated: September 4, 2015 — 7:13 pm


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